Eze between sea and mountain ...

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Located halfway between Nice and Monaco,
Eze extends in edge from sea
from the Russet-red Cape to the point of Cabuel.
A vegetation luxuriante of banana trees,
date palms, caroubiers, orange trees and citroniers
testify to the extremely pleasant climate
reigning içi majority of the year.
The beach of bay of Eze is easy
access and shaded by a pine forest
going down to the sea
The territory of Eze is not limited at the seaside, in
going up the average cornice (N7), you will discover Eze village,
this high tourist place is one of the villages more
picturesque of the department and fact part of the must to visit.
Perched in eyrie at the top of imposing and superb cliff,
you will see by far the village and its ochre church clearly.

To join the entry of the village,
you will walk length
of a small stone way learnedly decorated
and polished by time, offering to you to the passage
a sight on the superb gardens
Castle of the Gold Goat.
The door of the village crossed you will discover
a small village of Provence
full with charm, liberally flowered and offering
superb panoramas on the sea and the coast.

Small stone lanes, arched passages, stone-built houses
superbly restored, placettes shaded, refreshing old fountains,
you will go from amazements in amazements, a such stage set,
the village will seem to you almost false so much it is beautiful...!
Many small shops of craft industry will request your curiosity...
(some resemble small caves dug in the rock).

The lanes of the old medieval village are true
testimony of the history of Eze, two turns of duty
with the entry of the village, the postern, the drain-hole
historic buildings are classified.
You will be able to also visit
the exotic botanical garden,
located in the village, where an impressive collection
cacti, fatty plants and rare species surround
vestiges of an old castle to 400 m of altitude
at the top of the cliff which dominates the sea.


From the village, you will be able to join Eze edge of sea
with foot by the Friedrich-Nietzsche path
it appears that it is here, under the pines and the olive-trees that Nietzsche has there
conceived the last part of its work " Ainsi spoke Zarathoustra "...
this delicious walk will take 1 to you hour...
to hope to go up perhaps a little more!

The large cornice
you will make discover a forest park
superb on approximately 610 hectares.
You will visit the House of Nature there,
the oppidum of the Collar of Eze
and will not fail to admire at the fallen night,
the spectacle of stars within the framework of
evenings with open sky of Astorama.

To see or visit:

The vault of the Penitent White.
The parish church and its nave baroque.
The cemetery where rests celebrates it
White humorist Francis.
The exotic garden.
Visit perfumeries
The Friedrich-Nietzsche path
The Fort of Revère (collar of Eze).

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Near by...


On a territory of 2 km²
and only 4,4 kms length,
this small Princely State located
in edge of sea
and with flower of mountain
shelter some
30.000 in habitants.
Its casinos of luxury, its sumptuous gardens and its prestigious museums,
as well as the célébrisime great price of formula 1,
make the reputation of Monaco

With the elegant time
and popular,
Nice with the charm of the cities
Mediterranean where
the softness of living
holds as much
with the beauty of the city
that with its climate
Here, even in winter, the coffee terraces are pleasant
and one can admire there the célebrisime Promenade of the English,
always impeccably flowered, skirting the curve of Bay of the Angels,
with side, many beaches
and other the luxurious hotels whose de luxe hotel celebrates it: Negresco.

town of charms and mysteries
is located at the Franco-Italian border.
The circus of abrupt mountains,
including two extreme coasts
go down towards the sea,
was worth with the antique
city to be called at the 13th century
"the Pearl of France".

La Turbie.
Village perched with 500 meters
with the top of the sea the turbie
and the Trophy of Auguste,
also called Trophy of the Alps,
only building of this type which remains
still Roman world,
with that of Trajan
with Adam-Klissi in Romania.

Beaulieu sur mer
Attended formerly by the heads
crowned, Beaulieu-on-Sea remained it
symbol of the Riviera of ostentation and the dream.
Beach bordered of palm trees, vegetation
luxuriante, blue sea, intense light,
sumptuous residences of which
Kerylos villa, faithful reconstitution
of a sumptuous residence of ancient Greece
and the Foundation Ephrussi de Rothschild of
Cape Ferrat.

Villefranche sur mer
The port, the citadel, the old city, the curve of its shore
make all picturesque this city which goes up to 130 ansavant J-c.
Its port is at the same time a small fishing port with its coloured boats
and its nets and a port of tourism place of stopover of many cruisings.

Cap d'ail
At the doors of Monaco,
this city of the littoral is with the foot of the Head of dog
and extends to the edge from water.
A superb walk within a wild and very bucolic
framework is to be made by the path of the edge of sea.


New our panoramic suite in the medieval village overlooking the sea ---- Nouveau la suite du village avec vue panoramique sur la mer ---- New our panoramic suite in the medieval village overlooking the sea ---- Nouveau la suite du village avec vue panoramique sur la mer ---- New our panoramic suite in the medieval village overlooking the sea ---- Nouveau la suite du village avec vue panoramique sur la mer ---- New our panoramic suite in the medieval village overlooking the sea ---- Nouveau la suite du village avec vue panoramique sur la mer ----


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